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God Cares About Changing Laws

Has anyone ever noticed that God cares about justice? As I’ve been reading through the first couple books of the bible again (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and now Deuteronomy), I’ve been noticing just how much of the text by sheer volume is dedicated to societal laws. When Yahweh, the God of Israel, calls Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt so that they might live a different way of life, in worship of him, he calls them to be a radically different society from the one they were just in.

How the Model Minority Myth Helps Me Respond to BLM

I’ll admit it. I always hated history growing up. It was my least favorite subject. But I have come to realize that identity and history must go hand-in-hand. As a second-generation Chinese American, the Chinese part of my identity requires that I recognize and honor my family origin. At the same time, the American part of my identity stipulates that I take the time to understand the history and policies that have shaped the very society that I live in.

We Need a Systemic Solution for Racism

The human body is a complex system. Physical therapists do the work of helping you pinpoint not just the symptom but also the root cause. Because the body compensates for weakened or injured muscles by exerting more strain on other muscles around it, it is totally possible that the root symptom of back pain is from a muscle elsewhere in the body entirely. I’ve started to understand that systemic racism is the same way. There is a root problem nestled deep into the fibers of this nation that surfaces pain through the repeated and forceful impact of bone against unforgiving concrete.

Fighting Racism is a Marathon, Not a Race

I have a rather pessimistic view on human nature as inherently selfish and sinful. Left to our own devices, I think humans tend to be self-absorbed. I wanted to take the opportunity to bring back two quotes, one from an article about performative allyship, and one from a conversation between Ryan Kwon, a Korean pastor, and Léonce Crump Jr., a Black pastor from Atlanta, Georgia about racial reconciliation. I’ll share both below and then give my own commentary and reflection.

Why History is Important

I was always the kid growing up who hated history. It was always the most boring subject to me. I didn’t see the point in memorizing dates and random names for things that happened generations and generations ago. “It has nothing to do with me,” was what I thought. But now, I’m starting to see more and more that it has everything to do with me. My family, the place I grew up, and the environment and people that surrounded me since childhood has had a profound impact on the way I think and go about the world.

Initiators, Followers, Opposers, and Bystanders (#GeorgeFloyd)

It’s been a long week. When I first started out with this blog, I hadn’t quite yet anticipated what I would be writing about regularly. My goals were to explore my identities as a Christian, an Asian American, and a writer. #GeorgeFloyd and surrounding events, news, and personal conversations have given me a lot to think through and process. As a writer, I write to understand my own thoughts. I also write to share and invite discussion. As a Christian, I care deeply about the sanctity of each and every human life born in God’s image.

Combative vs. Active Listening

In light of our current conversation around racial injustice, rage and lament circulating about what our proper response to systemic racism should be, debates around protests/rioting/looting, and arguments around law-making and policy proposals among other things… I believe that active listening is more important than ever right now. I don’t know about you, but lately I see and am a part of so many conversations that start off innocently enough, but then move quickly from mutual listening and sharing to full on “fight-or-flight” response.