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Engaging the Asian American Community: TikTok and Podcasting

This post is purely a shout-out to some of my friends.

One of the things I aspired for this blog was to generate or spark conversation. And one of the things I believe in passionately in is the simple act of sharing stories within the Asian American community. There’s a lot of value to exposing yourself to different perspectives and intentionally learning about the experiences of others, which I admit that I don’t do enough of myself.

I was listening to my friends’ podcast the other day (below) and was reminded of how nice it is to simply hear someone else’s story. There are lots of Asian American content creators out there, but I thought I’d share about my friends and encourage you all to go check them out and support them!

Bamboo & Glass (Podcast)

If you’re looking for a down-to-earth, very thoughtful series of conversations with people from a multitude of backgrounds (and amplifying their stories and the things they are up to), you’ll like Bamboo & Glass.

I love, love the tagline that Da Eun and Sophia came up with for their podcast journey: “2 Asian American women sharing the underrepresented perspectives that shape our lifelong journey of learning and unlearning.”

First off, I love that they include both learning and “unlearning.” As Asian Americans, I think there are particular things from our cultural context and upbringings that we have to unlearn. I also like that Da Eun and Sophia don’t claim to be anything but themselves—they set out two years ago simply to share their own experiences as Asian American women in tech. I admire how they’ve been very consistent in interviewing and sharing the stories of all the other people they are connected to as well!


@Bri_Xu (TikTok)

Brian’s a funny guy. Enough said.

But from my own personal relationship to him, I also know he’s also a genuinely thoughtful person. His two biggest passions (at the moment) are telling stories through data and hitting that sweet spot of humor and relatability with the Asian American community.

Check him out for his series on “Asian Spelling Bee,” jokes and puns and explanations of Mandarin words, and the entertaining stories he tells through stats and graphs.


If you want to hear a little more about his personal background, listen to his podcast episode on Bamboo & Glass. I appreciated his comment about separating “attention” from “connection” in his own reflections on using social media to engage the Asian American community. Listening to him talk about the balance between engagement and attention was what spurred this post.

Engaging the Asian American Community

Blogging, by nature, is very long-form and limited in terms of generating discussion. But what other mediums for content have you engaged with? Share a comment if you appreciate or know of other YouTubers, filmmakers, writers, artists, and content creators trying to engage the Asian American community!

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