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We Are Launching!!!

If you are here, we want to hear from you! You absolutely matter. The fun thing about starting small and organic is that any comment, question, or suggestion will get our undivided attention. The title of this blog is “An Asian American Christian.” So tell us: are you Asian American, Christian, neither, or both?

This project started on Memorial Day in 2021 when Andrew and Laura decided to meet up for a coffee at Peet’s. They’ve had consistently encouraging conversation the past couple of years and always seem to talk about how God has been showing up in their lives. Andrew has always been excited to write, and Laura has always had plenty of content and reflections to share with others. So, they decided to start a new project together and AAAC was born!

We decided to come up with a brief statement of our goals. We introduce ourselves more fully here. And as we’re figuring out how to launch a space that helps other think about Jesus in an Asian American narrative, we picked three words to help guide us.

We want this to be a homey space where we can invite others in, and to have people feel welcomed. We want to be honest. We know Christian spaces have been full of pain and hurt, but we want to be authentic with our own faith journeys and relationship to God and church. Finally, we want to be honoring. We’re not quite sure what that one means fully but we needed another “h”… 😆 Something about honoring God and being willing to be bold and to take risks, like Jesus. Something about staying true to ourselves and our culture and family background. Something about honoring our guests (you all), whom we want to serve by sharing helpful and meaningful content.

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Give us a shout out on social media! Stick around and let us know how this space can provide you value.

Love, Laura and Andrew

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  2. Thank you for launching this community blog! What an encouragement this gives me that the next generation of Asian Americans are in that good healthy process of discovering and using their voices! Hallelujah!

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